Monday, 18 June 2012

At Close Range

It's that time. The time when the possibilities seem endless. The time when one is consumed with doubt and riddled with confidence. I'm currently going over the script, making revisions, seeing if it all hangs together, but the overall feeling, common with writers, is that I'm too close.
Yeah, I can make dialogue changes, spruce up, streamline, improve descriptions and look for any obvious (REALLY obvious) logic problems, but I know it will have to be looked at by somebody. Somebody who's not close; somebody with nothing to lose; somebody who knows what a script should be; somebody who's going to say it doesn't work and is going to need an overhaul. A page one rewrite. Or perhaps they'll love it and want to show it to somebody? A manager? An agent? A producer?
How the hell do I know? I'm too close.
So, to BRANDED. The action adventure piece. I know the set-up, the basic framework, my main character and his goal. I have a theme. I even know some of the conflict. The specifics aren't there yet. Some of them are gonna be fun/difficult to work on, such as the action sequences. There are traditional actiony things I'd like to do, it's putting a new or interesting spin on them that's the real trick. I'm brainstorming, putting ideas on the lovely, and useful, IndexCard. I'd like to be writing pages soon, once I have a workable outline, but for the moment it's still forming in my head. I must resist the temptation to edit myself at this early brainstorming stage.
The possibilities are endless...

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