Friday, 3 August 2012


I am one of the winning 50 in the 50 Kisses Competition.

It's still a wonderful shock. I keep expecting the fraud police to boot the door in and take me down "The Factory" for a "striping" (sorry, I've been watching The Sweeney on ITV4). I will get round to reading The 49 scripts from the other winners and know I will be humbled to be in their presence. I'm sure there will be work of the quality I aspire to.

Forgive me if this post has a sickening level of "aww, shucks"-ness about it, but I assure you there is no false-humility on display here, just the unashamed ramblings of a man who had just finished a night shift and is STILL unable to sleep due to butterflies in the tummy.

My heartfelt thanks goes to the organisers and judges of 50 Kisses. I have been very fortunate.

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