Sunday, 14 October 2012

Changing Lanes

Trying to complete the next draft of HRO in time for The London
Screenwriters' Festival
as I'd like to pitch it there and use it as a writing sample. Having received notes, I find the script is undergoing some significant changes for this new draft; perhaps even more than suggested in the notes I've received.

The tone of the script has changed as well as some of the characters. This is understandable as the main characters' goal has shifted just a tad. The one thing I need to keep an eye on is the ripple effect this may have on the rest of the story/characters.

The value of notes cannot be underestimated. That doesn't necessarliy mean you have to pay somebody a small fortune to read your script, but to show your script to a few fellow writers you trust and speak a common language with can be invaluable.

As part of my efforts to "up my game" I attended my first ever writer's workshop this summer. The Studio Five Workshop, run by director Dan "THE MAN INSIDE" Turner and writer James "TOWER BLOCK" Moran. The day itself was brilliant and informative, and highly recommended, but it was the relationships I established with a few of the writers I met there which made the difference. As a result, we have forged our own writers' group, we give each other support and feedback on our work -- the sort of thing I've never had before.

I guess what I'm saying here is I'm not just seeing changes in my script...

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