Sunday, 16 December 2012

Starting Over

I had to write HRO. It was in my head, and it needed to get out. I've been told I'd picked the worst possible subject and lead character time and time again (just ask anyone "what's the worst main character to have in a script?") I accept that, but I don't regret writing it. It will remain part of my "rebirth" so I cannot look at it as wasted time or effort. It is unlikely to be my calling card script, but I hope those that have it enjoy the writing at least.

I move on, I take a lesson from it and I get to work on my next idea, which is, I hope, about as commercial as it gets. I haven't sold out, nor am I chasing the market, it just happens to be the idea I am currently the most excited about. I've never written an action piece before; I hope it will be yet another point on my learning curve.

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