Friday, 4 January 2013

Say Anything

I've hidden away my writing ambition a long time. I've dabbled, made headway, had knock backs and suffered from crippling self-doubt - which ended up preventing me doing what I wanted to do -- write.

Yesterday, I engaged in a discussion on Twitter with the splendid Roland Moore and Robin Bell and I believe I talked more about my work, my writing and my hopes and fears than I think I have ever done before. I did this ON THE SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE TWITTER. It was quite revelatory -- to me -- especially if you knew how reticent I had previously been to talk about such things.

You see, I also stated during that Twitter exchange that I write, but I'm not a writer... Yet. I still believe that a writer is a seller and, aside from a risible option many moons ago, I have not been paid for my writing. This is my fault because I wasn't writing or showing my previous work to anyone -- which makes me all kinds of dumb, doesn't it?

Self-belief is so important.


  1. My bud Dave has his say

  2. If you write, you're a writer.

    Own it.