Monday, 7 April 2014

Hello Again

Hey you! How are you doing? What you been up to? Me? Ahh, just trying to balance the day job and the writing. Not managing that as well as I'd like, to be honest, but I'll keep plugging away; it's all I want to do (not the day job, obviously).

Currently working on my first horror script: "He's Still Out There..." I love horror and thought long and hard about an idea, trying to be clever and looking for a concept which would reinvent the wheel -- and ended up with a simple and straightforward idea, with what I think is an intriguing spin.

The action/adventure still bubbles away in the background, the outline being pieced together and I want to jump straight into that once HSOT is completed.

I just finished a short which is being looked at by a director. Be really cool if she wants to make it because it's a very personal piece with a theme we both connected with.

No screenwriting hints or tips from me. Not that kind of blog. I'm fumbling about in the dark looking for the light switch like the rest of you.

 More soon (promise).

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