Saturday, 27 June 2015

Reversal of Fortune

Previously on FOABP...

I hadn't secured a pitching spot at The London Screenwriters' Festival

Then I did. Yes, thanks to some incredibly helpful folk on Twitter, chiefly, Rebecca Handley, and LSF itself (thanks Paolo),  I managed to get on the waiting list for the Pitch Fest and eventually landed a slot. How did it go?

My second time at Pitch Fest and I felt more relaxed. Simple reason being this time I did not invest the success or failure of my entire weekend on my efforts at the Deadly Table of Pitch. I'd learned to accept it for what it is. It is an opportunity for me to improve on my pitching skills from my first time out in 2012. Anything else is gravy. Super gravy.

I had eight requests for my one-pager from seven pitches. Huh? Howzat? Well, I also got my reluctant networking ass into gear and had casually pitched my script earlier in the weekend to somebody I had previously met at LSF 2012. They came back to me for my one-pager to pass on to an interested party. I also went armed with my unique flash drives [see gratuitously placed marketing pic below].

Needless to say I was generally pleased with how things went with the pitching.

Maybe it was because I was pitching a horror movie ["He's Still Out There..."] this time out and some folk are always on the lookout for a horror? Maybe I had improved my technique? Or (gulp) maybe the premise intrigued enough for them to want to know more? I dunno. I guess the answer to these questions, and more, will be discovered in the New Year when I commence Operation Follow-up.

Then came: BONUS ROUND. One producer I pitched at LSF emailed out of the blue asking for a copy of the script. Then, an agent I queried (prompted by a friend I had made networking) also wanted to read the script off the back of a log line! Huzzah!

PROBLEM KLAXON. I did not have a copy of the script I was happy to send. I had Draft 0 which needed another pass. My euphoria at having made even such a tiny step was torpedoed. I emailed both parties and explained I wanted to get the script in the best possible shape. They both agreed to wait. Me? I felt unprofessional. I should have had a script ready to put into their hands at a moment's notice. I should have had the completed script with me at LSF.  I shan't make that mistake again. No new script for LSF 2015? No pitching.

I have "He's Still Out There..." in readers' hands awaiting their valued feedback. I will work on notes over the holiday and have a completed script ready to go in the New Year to the producer, the agent and any-flippin'-body who wishes to read it! I plan to seek representation in the US and will be sending my log line to managers in the hope it engages their interest as it did those at LSF 2014.

In the meantime, I shall be working on my action/adventure and endeavoring to improve as a writer.  It might not be this one, it might not be the next one, but I ain't planning on stopping! Just gonna keep banging on that door!

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