Saturday, 22 August 2015

A Simple Plan

"He's Still Out There..." is just that. After months of rewrites, tweaks, polishes and just outright fannying about, I have decided to let it go out into the world. It's in the hands of producers who requested it at the London Screenwriters' Festival (at last) and soon I will begin querying reps both in the UK and the US.

A killer logline, timing, and a lotta luck. All of these might, MIGHT, get you read. Then you must deliver the execution to keep them reading: first 10, last 10, the whole kit and caboodle (yeah, I said that, as David Niven would).  Then, you gotta-- well, let's just take it one massive hurdle at a time, shall we?

I feel good about "He's Still Out There...' Readers have responded well to the script and its genre-bending horror concept. Of course, the road to the Cineplex is littered with specs people have responded well to and it's the money folk you need to impress,  so that keeps me grounded and teaches me to take each baby-step as it comes, which counteracts my imaginary interviews with Fangoria and my witty "He's Still Out There.." DVD commentary nicely.

So... wish me a killer logline, crackerjack timing, and a shit-ton of luck.

I return the sentiment in spades.

In the meantime, it's on to the next one: An action/adventure full of derring-do. Never stop. Keep writing.

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