Friday, 4 March 2016

Murphy's Law

Hello! Welcome to the most poorly updated blog on the Internet. Good to see you! I always feel odd writing blog posts, obliged to come up with something substantial and worth the valuable time you will devote to reading it.

Well,  I've had that Thing happen. You know, that 'Thing?' That Thing writers treat like the Scottish Play -- we don't mention it. The spec I had written, rewritten, noted to the point of note blindness and was finally showing/pitching/querying was hurdled into town by a pro script from repped writers with a very similar premise.

Needless to say, I've had my little bout of sulking and self-pity, believing my little script, the one I had spent so long getting into shape, never got a shot. It was DOA.  I was DOA. Back at square one. Nowhere to go. Nothing to show.

Poor me.

One week later...

Upon reflection:

Their script was probably better executed (execution is concept's favorite sex partner) because they're Pros, right? (I wanna read theirs to make sure -- NO I DON'T).

Every writer has many set-backs in their career, this is my turn, right?

It's proof of concept. They had all those body-swap movies, why can't they have two movies like this?

It's still a sample I can show to people until the action spec is ready, right? Right? 

...and many, many more.

ENOUGH with the questions, Mac.

Just write.

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